And we wonder what the consequences are of them taking advantage of us, creative ones.


      I am a creative one. A musician first and foremost. I play the clarinet. Does that mean I have to live in a crazy fantasy world? Does that mean I have to be seen as someone who is not interested in understanding what the value of my services are? Or be seen as lacking in business savvy? Or be willing to accept low compensation for the … [Read more...]


      Social Branding Guidelines for Businesses


      For new businesses, social media marketing may seem a bit overwhelming. However, with a good set of rules to frame your communication, you will quickly become comfortable presenting quality content that reflects the voice of your brand and appeals to your audience. Here are four steps to help you get started building a great social media … [Read more...]


      Remembering the small in small business


      I am a true advocate for small business. There are so many things to love about small business. For one you usually don't have to look far to find the owner if you need them. They are usually the one answering the phone, or working the register or the one closing or opening the shop up. I love that a small businesses are agile too … [Read more...]


      Are you an every day hero?


      Memorial Day has come and gone and each year it makes me think about not only those who have sacrificed for us in war, but also those who sacrifice for us daily through their service to others.  While it is important to honor those who have died to serve our country, and whom for doing so we recognize as hero's, it is equally important … [Read more...]


      And the Equity Crowdfunding Race to Raise is Off and Running!


         Written by Locavesting's very own Amy Cortese On Monday the fledgling investment crowdfunding industry, led by some of the people who conceived of and pushed for what eventually became the JOBS Act, gathered on Capital Hill to mark the start of Regulation Crowdfunding (aka Title III). The … [Read more...]


      Got grit?


       Grit is that 'extra something' that separates the most successful people from the rest. It's the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality. ~Travis Bradberry  Those who have grit have the commitment to finish what they start, to rise above setbacks, want to … [Read more...]


      Prince’s 10 Rules for Success


      One of the greatest gift artists bring to the world is their values and ethics. Artists come to be artists because of them and have a lot they can teach the world with them. This 8 minute video created by Evan Carmichael, assembled from a number of different guest televised appearances of Prince, does a great job of sharing Prince's … [Read more...]


      How Crowdsourcing Can Help Small Businesses


      You’re an entrepreneur and you have a vision that drives you, fantastic. The problem is, as a small company, the content you produce is often reviewed by one or two people. Hiring a consultant to fill in the gap will help a little. Yet even with this solution, the process is finite and contains the opinions and experience of only one … [Read more...]


      Is fear stopping you from building your brand through video?


      Why is it so many of us are afraid of being on film? God knows I felt this way at first, and still do after having produced and been filmed in almost 50 educational video's now. But I pushed myself to get through it because I had to if I wanted to take a step forward towards achieving my goals of sharing my knowledge and know how with a … [Read more...]


      Good to remember: It’s all a matter of perspective


      My husband I decided earlier this year we wanted to move. We live in a wonderful suburb presently, but our home is not within walking distance to anything. So earlier this year we prepared to list our home, research its value and put it on the market after deciding to move closer to my husband's work which will provide us with a wonderful … [Read more...]

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