An entrepreneurial journey managing growth: Lisa’s Clarinet Shop


      My clarinet shop is growing. And so is my small business advising. How do I manage both? I though it might be interesting for you to read a recent communication I wrote to my clarinet shop list. It takes a lot of creativity to figure out how to manage sometimes. I hope this helps you problem solve for a business of your own. ~Lisa … [Read more...]


      Finance Call #455…


      When it comes to a small business finding capital, there is nothing more important then finding it when you need to. Today with bank lending significantly down, alternative finance sources- like finance companies- are pouncing on sme's in droves trying to take advantage of their need to find working capital. I still cannot believe how … [Read more...]


      Why many good ventures and small businesses fail to grow.


      A significant portion of the problem to help small and medium sized business (SME's) find the cash they need is that too few who are able to help, are helping. SME's need money to: *Get through a business hurdle *Pay for their growth spurt *OR modestly fund their startup strategy It's a simple problem to solve really. It all … [Read more...]


      What is the data showing us about Regulation Crowdfunding?


      CROWDFUND INSIGHTS By Crowdfund Capital Advisors and Crowdnetic August 19, 2016 - Quarter 1 for Regulation Crowdfunding Results The first quarter for Regulation Crowdfunding has ended and we believe the data continues to show slow and steady progress. … [Read more...]


      5 Top Legal Risks and Their Remedies


      Working independently for the last six years has led me to advising, on an almost exclusive basis, SMEs, start ups and entrepreneurs, who make up a significant portion of Dubai and the UAE's business landscape. The problems faced by these businesses are often overlooked in the beginning, but present a real challenge as time goes on. Some … [Read more...]


      Effective Ways to Leverage Content in a Sales Pitch

      Helping hand shakes another hand as part of an agreement

      Content is King, according to current marketing wisdom. But what does that really mean? Is this limited to blogs? Or sales pages? Or does it encompass a whole lot more? The latter is the case. The best content marketing appeals to a broad range of personalities and offers each segment of the market a little something that appeals to that … [Read more...]


      When things are going well, or not, what goes through your head? And what does that have to do with your ultimate success, or not, anyway?


      Logic dictates that when things are going well, we feel better about ourselves and when things are not we don’t. Both are reactionary in that the messages we are choosing to send to ourselves are related to life events or situations that may or may not be within our control. But if you want to become more aware, an important first step … [Read more...]


      What will be in your declaration of independence?


      Tomorrow is the 240th anniversary from the day the Continental Congress formally endorsed the Declaration of Independence and the United States became a country on July 4, 1776. There certainly were some rough years for the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Some were arrested, imprisoned as traitors and tortured before they … [Read more...]


      And we wonder what the consequences are of them taking advantage of us, creative ones.


      I am a creative one. A musician first and foremost. I play the clarinet. Does that mean I have to live in a crazy fantasy world? Does that mean I have to be seen as someone who is not interested in understanding what the value of my services are? Or be seen as lacking in business savvy? Or be willing to accept low compensation for the … [Read more...]


      Social Branding Guidelines for Businesses


      For new businesses, social media marketing may seem a bit overwhelming. However, with a good set of rules to frame your communication, you will quickly become comfortable presenting quality content that reflects the voice of your brand and appeals to your audience. Here are four steps to help you get started building a great social media … [Read more...]

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