Death by NDA? How An Innocent Contract Can Stifle Entrepreneurship


      We sign them all the time. They usually seem harmless. They’re often considered just a matter of custom. However, they can be far more harmful to entrepreneurial ecosystems than they appear on the surface. I’m talking about nondisclosure agreements—NDAs. They are a common tool of business between parties who want to share … [Read more...]


      The Experiment is Over


      Effective November 1st, 2014 the experimental audience building space my husband, Chuck, and I created inside of iaeou will close. Designed to be an extension of our education program, our physical space served as an incubator for customer acquisition for small and medium sized businesses.  Our members hosted meet and greets with … [Read more...]


      Business with Purpose: The Next Big Thing


      What is the key to profit for the next generation of consumers? Bain Capital is betting its purpose. About a week and a half ago, Bain Capital acquired 50% of Tom's Shoes. Reuters reported that the transaction valued the company at $625 million, and that founder Blake Mycoskie will retained 50% ownership of Toms, as well as his role as … [Read more...]


      We, as Creative People, Have a Responsibility to this World


      We, as creative people, have a responsibility to ourselves-- and to this world-- to share our gifts widely. Our creativity changes us and others profoundly. What we do transcends race, status, and breaks through all social classes and cultural barriers almost instantly. Culture is the backbone on which we can shape our emerging global … [Read more...]


      Real Entrepreneurs, Gaps, Trust, Authenticity and Meaning


      I recently had someone tell me that real entrepreneurs scale things. The rest of us folks who own bakery's, clarinet shops, resale shops, diners, and the local beauty salon are self employed-- which is (supposedly) not the same as being an entrepreneur. What??? It's no wonder entrepreneurship is flat lining in the U.S.A. We think … [Read more...]


      One Minute of Life: Real Time


      I don't know how I got on their list and I cannot get them to unsubscribe me- Ashley Madison that is- the 'online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs.' (delete) Not a day passes when I don't get one of those 'We are the government of Nigeria and we have a … [Read more...]


      All ideas don’t fit into a tuna can.


      Entrepreneurship is a skill set like any other. To begin as an entrepreneur you have to know yourself, your values, beliefs, interests, and desires extremely well to even begin to navigate the rough terrain. (Assuming you want to lower risk and increase your chances of succeeding, that is.)  To begin as an entrepreneur requires a mindset … [Read more...]


      Rants: And where did you stop reading in the 2nd one?


      Rant #1 Chase Bank. I don't get it.  I went into the bank with a new EIN number and the paperwork for a new corporation but because it was registered outside of Illinois they refused to set up a checking account for me. Flat. out. refused. Are they not a global commercial bank? I have had my commercial account for Lisa's Clarinet … [Read more...]


      The problem with the startup pivot


      Today it's impossible to know if your startup idea will be a winner without repeated experimentation. To succeed, startups need to make and test predictions about what will and won't work in their business models. If an element works, then future iterations should retain that practice, but if it does not work, the startup needs to … [Read more...]


      Your Self Talk Matters Greatly to Your Life & Career Success


      When was the last time you did an inventory of how you speak to yourself?  How often do you judge yourself harshly or say nasty things to yourself about your actions or behavior? Is it on a daily basis, occasionally or rarely? How often do you speak in a positive manner to yourself about your present and future? Are you supportive? … [Read more...]

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