Prince’s 10 Rules for Success


      One of the greatest gift artists bring to the world is their values and ethics. Artists come to be artists because of them and have a lot they can teach the world with them. This 8 minute video created by Evan Carmichael, assembled from a number of different guest televised appearances of Prince, do a great job of sharing Prince's … [Read more...]


      How Crowdsourcing Can Help Small Businesses


      You’re an entrepreneur and you have a vision that drives you, fantastic. The problem is, as a small company, the content you produce is often reviewed by one or two people. Hiring a consultant to fill in the gap will help a little. Yet even with this solution, the process is finite and contains the opinions and experience of only one … [Read more...]


      Is fear stopping you from building your brand through video?


      Why is it so many of us are afraid of being on film? God knows I felt this way at first, and still do after having produced and been filmed in almost 50 educational video's now. But I pushed myself to get through it because I had to if I wanted to take a step forward towards achieving my goals of sharing my knowledge and know how with a … [Read more...]


      Good to remember: It’s all a matter of perspective


      My husband I decided earlier this year we wanted to move. We live in a wonderful suburb presently, but our home is not within walking distance to anything. So earlier this year we prepared to list our home, research its value and put it on the market after deciding to move closer to my husband's work which will provide us with a wonderful … [Read more...]


      Are you selling for yourself or to pay the bills?


      Do you consider yourself a professional salesperson? When you look in the mirror do you say, 'I sell for a living and am damn proud of it'? Or do you shirk at the thought that your livelihood depends on your ability to sell? The lifeblood of every business is sales, period. Cash is king and sales his queen. Your ability to generate … [Read more...]


      Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Mobile Apps


      Being in the same business and working for the same goals leads to competition. And one day or the other the fact needs to be accepted. The fact that our businesses may or may not be as successful as our competitors and while this can hurt – it opens an opportunity to learn. Instead of distancing your business from the competitors, … [Read more...]


      How to alienate your customers: A case study, Massage Envy


      There is an old saying that in business you are either growing or going. There is a lot of truth to it. Customers who love you and keep buying from you allow you to cover up a lot of your sins and mistakes you make in business. But at what point do those mistakes cross that invisible line and cause customers to lose 'that loving feeling' … [Read more...]


      The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Mobile Applications


      The entire process of mobile application is pretty long to point out a cheat sheet for any one of the factors involved. Mobile applications per say is an ongoing process. This means that one needs to keep things handy at each and every stage of an application process. Be it application development or application marketing. This is … [Read more...]


      Your Real Customers Don’t Care About Your Technology or The Price of Your MVP.


      Call me old fashioned, but I built my first business before the internet. Back then we used the telephone, direct mail and face to face meetings like trade shows or events to cultivate relationships with customers and generate sales. My business grew at 20+% every year for over 10 years before consumers were routinely surfing the … [Read more...]


      Digital Evolution Data and Going Global More Quickly


      The Internet has come of age. Twenty-one years since the marketplace first took notice, the World Wide Web today is at the heart of the global economy, channeling interactions for nearly 40% of the world’s population. It took the Internet 12 years to gather its first billion users, and a third of that time to amass its third … [Read more...]

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