The life of a new blogger

j04069002.jpg  So I get up every morning and right after I take the dogs out for a short walk, I pour another cup of coffee, kiss my husband goodbye, and settle on to my computer to check how many of you have logged on to my blog today. I have been blogging for a week and am addicted!

I am like a kid in a candy store, loving every new “digit”, as each one of you stops by to visit.

But the trouble is– I would like to know you as an artist not a “digit”.

Its really an insanely fun experience writing a blog.  I highly recommend it. You get to write what you want and what you think about. So for better or worse, welcome to my world inside!

Just like your passion burns in you to play, sing, dance, write, teach, entrepreneur, market, or anything else you creatively want to do– this is where I feel I can contribute.

Yesterday I finished another chapter of my book. Today I will start Chapter 12 and the book will be finished when I reach 17, according to my plan.  Every entrepreneurial venture begins with a plan. My book is about how to evolve to the point of being able to produce that plan.

I have written about 150 pages so far of what will be, I believe, around a 225 page book.  Yesterday, in between phone calls, and dog walks, 4400 words flowed out of me like water out from a faucet, and not really very many drips.

I am finding my stride writing and its great.  I have always loved to write. When I attended Interlochen Arts Academy I took a number of creative writing classes and found it both challenging and exhilarating and still do. I am also tremendously enjoying this blog, but would enjoy it even more, if  we built this blog together founded on my interests and yours.  Questions are good. Comments work too.

Look, I am brave enough to bleed my heart out on this public page, and brave enough to share with you really, anything you would like to know about how to improve, develop or start your own creative venture. Just ask.

I want the artistic human capital in the US of A to work in a creative field and be paid well. With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the arts, 10 years in the classroom at DePaul University, 10 years as a core member of a not for profit chamber ensemble, and 30 years as a professional musician, I am confident I can make life easier for those who want a career in the arts. Ask me questions. I can help!

After all, we have become, in this century, a creativity based society. Creativity is our most marketable “product”.  Our economy no longer manufacturer’s anything, but instead innovates and creates as its major consumable good.

Our largest corporations will pay huge sums of money for those who can bring them creativity and innovation- the stock market certainly rewards those companies that do- what better fuel then the arts to change the world with!

Sometimes it feels to me that artists feel they are not worthy of true financial freedom or wealth. Those who have, are often seen as highly commercial with their art and lacking in the highest display of creativity.

I think a lot of artists suffer from low self esteem. Its easier to be a victim then a leader, especially with art.  Art is very personal and as artists we have to be persistence, disciplined,  and face criticism and obstacles every single day. Hard not to feel kind of beaten down sometimes or not deserving-  

But lets face it, more money in your pocket means more money to support the things you believe in. Can that be all bad?

Entrepreneurship is about using your brain to ensure you maximize your worth. Its building a plan to thrive using your art form as a platform to do it.  No one who employs you as an artist, and gives you your weekly paycheck, will ever value your creativity and artistic capacity as much as you do!

If you think about adding something to what you currently do that is entrepreneurial, or build your entire world around entrepreneurship, the person who will grow and evolve and change artistically is you! That certainly can’t be bad either.

So back to the blog for another moment-

 What would you like me to write about next? What are YOU interested in and are willing to share?

If replying to one of these posts is just too outside the box for you, then email me through my clarinet site at; that way your question comment or thought can remain personal and not out for public consumption right now. I can appreciate where that might seem like too much.

Part of developing as an entrepreneur is developing your voice and confidence. Who you are is plenty cool. Life is about evolving, learning and change. It gets easier if you just let yourself  start to show up more often.

And remember: If your not the lead dog in the pack, the view is always the same.

Thanks for reading today’s post.

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