Chicago's Artistic Development

Recently the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, run by David Weinstein, was asked by Mayor Daley to evaluate and assist fashion designers in obtaining financing, for their creative designs, in the city of Chicago. 

Mayor Daley has decided to try and devote some resources to developing artists and helping them in business here in the city. According to David Weinstein, CEC President, the long term goal is expand their role to serve a broader base of artists beyond the fashion industry.  

If you reside in Chicago, and are considering building a creative business here, you might consider speaking to the CEC about what they can do to help you. Other Chicago resources include The Women’s Business Development Center which provides all kinds of resources in business development and Lawyers for the Creative Arts, who will provide free legal assistance to artists.

Another interesting site, that happens to be Chicago based, but certainly in content is national, is

Very interesting articles about artists, events and workshops. Highly recommend checking it out as well.

What does the city you live in have offer to artists to support their development?  Use these sites to build your knowledge of the kinds of things available and seek out those in your area who would be willing to offer to help in a similar way.

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