Major League Models

Steve Wolf, besides being a completely versatile all purpose guitarist, from hard rock to classical guitar, is an amazingly creative entrepreneurial artist. Out of his passion for detail and love of baseball has risen the most amazing one of a kind creations I have ever seen; exacting models of ball parks with every detail captured like the real park! 

Steve, and his model ball parks, have been featured in People Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and along side many named celebrities. His most recent creation, the old Yankee Stadium, which will be torn down in 2008, is yet to be in any featured article, or alongside any celebrity, as it is not yet complete!

Standing in Steve’s workshop today, I was able to see the most AMAZING replica of Yankee Stadium, with every detail having been researched to be an exact duplicate, including matching the green paint color in the park!

This particular model Steve has been working on for almost 2 years. Its first showing will be in Mickey Mantle’s restaurant in New York after the first of the year, in 2007. Its price tag will be over 200,000.

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