Artistic Social Entrepreneurship

While at the ARNOVA conference I picked up some literature on Social Entrepreneurship; the idea that some ventures are created to make the world a better place and are built on worthy causes, thus making them not for profits or in some way socially responsible to produce a worthy outcome to better society in some way.

The irony of this platform, is that the most identifiable social form of entrepreneurship should be art, and yet Art for Art’s Sake, is increasingly not being soley embraced as a worthy cause.

Experiencing creativity in art is what give us ideas, fuels us as a nation forward in action, and is highly worthy as an economic engine, in today’s economy. Yet our society is embracing art less often, not more often, when it is presented for its’ own sake.

I think intrinsically, by being creative artists, we are responsible for the outcome of our art form. I think often we forget that because, individually, building the art-form is very enjoyable. We get caught up in our own experiences of the art, forgetting that we need to be developing it to serve a greater good.

When I help people buy clarinets through Lisa’sClarinetShop, one of the thing I ask all younger players who come to me, is ” What do you want to do with the clarinet?”  Usually they have no clue how to reply and seem uncomfortable–being able only to tell me they want to keep playing.

I continue on with them, asking each if they think about how they can use their playing in their career, or their playing can help another person?

I think all art needs to be socially based enough to be outcome focused. It is through art’s outcome that we are moved forward. Art for Arts Sake, to me is like a band playing cover tunes. It sounds good, and you enjoy it, but its not as good as the original.

Every one of us has an original way we think or feel or breath our art. In each of us our art-form manifests itself in a different way that is truly unique to each of us. We may admire our teachers, or our peers, or someone else we read about, but we are each uniquely different artistically and creatively. 

Figure out how to express yourself through your art in a way that will lead you to fill a need; one that you are passionate about.

Be socially responsible with your art and you will find ways to thrive.

  • Beautiful. Andrey Tarkovsky said something to the effect of, “why sing just to hear one’s own echo?” I’m not sure how to convince people to become more socially responsible however.

    Art can also be unselfish by aiming towards an ideal, the infinite, god… All the mysteries of our existence we can come in contact with through art. However, I also do not know how to encourage others towards such esteem. But I suppose that’s where forces combine and creativity kicks in. Artists are the explorers of the soul, scientists where science can’t see.

  • What you wrote was beautiful too.

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