Dead Ends

dead-end.jpgIf you are creative know you will reach, at some point in your creative development, a dead end.

What? You might be thinking! But I am spending (or I have spent) a lot of time and money to fully develop and market my creative ability!

While it might take you 20 years before this happens, every venture and every creative idea, creative product or creative concept has a life cycle. Nothing lasts forever“ we as human don’t, and neither will your creativity, as you have developed it.

It might be your market dries up (and so does your paycheck) or it might be you become bored and tired of what used to excite you creatively and simply need a change of direction. Or it might be the creative ventures you build, over a significant amount of time  let;s say 20 years are sold, like mine were, in pieces through my divorce. Whatever the reason, you eventually will find yourself at a creative dead end- I guarantee it.

When you do, this is when you will have the opportunity to take who you are and what you do and creatively re-adapt it to your new circumstance, your new interests or a new market that is more interested in your newly found creative form. You see if you don’t, your creativity will never have the same sparkle and magic, nor the same financial draw and you will find yourself on a downward spiral instead of a wonderful ride that excites you and is financially good to you.

One of the most valuable skills a highly trained creative person needs to have is the ability to reinvent ourselves. Creative people have creative minds and can create something new out of something old and tried and true.

It’s not our creativity that has to change when we reach our dead end- its how we express it that has to.

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