The Old Yankee Stadium

Creative entrepreneur, guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Wolf from Major League Models, will be unveiling, at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant 42 Central Park South  New York City, NY,  his most recent major league model; an exact miniature replica, down to the paint color of the seats, of The Old 1961 Yankee Stadium in New York.

The Old Yankee Stadium, which is being torn down now, to be replaced with a new modern version, will remain on display, in its only remaining perfectly intact form, in miniature, by Steve Wolf, in Mickey Mantle’s restaurant for four months. Its’ expected to sell for as much as $250,000; and worth every penny to the right Yankee fan, or maybe even to the team itself!

On January 17th, Steve will be at Mickey Mantle’s for a press conference and the stadium’s unveiling. If you live in the New York City area be sure to check this out. I saw the stadium about a month ago, and the score board was just starting to light up, but many details were still unfinished. It was amazing to see then and I can only imagine what it will look like now. I plan on being there- its too cool of an experience to miss.

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