New Website, Bigger Purpose, Plan Unfolds

Well after more then 30 days of thought, which has felt like forever to me, all of the decisions about the Entrepreneur The Arts Web site and its initial consulting, speaking and workshop content are all finally done. With the exception of some additional consulting services, still in negotiation with a couple additional incredible individuals.

I expect the new Entrepreneur The Arts Web site will go live in the next few days; after I approve its final draft. So for all of you who have been reading this blog, the next time you visitwill likely be inside the site- just click on the word Blog.

One of the most interesting things I have learned since starting this blog 33 posts ago, is that many who read it are adults; and not those right out of college!

It is NEVER too late, or too early, to improve, refine, define or excel passionately with a plan, a focus or a mission that will allow you, and those you will serve, to be immeasurably impacted personally, professionally, financially and positively.
Exploring who you are and what you are capable of, in a new way, can be life transforming and financially transforming. All it takes besides creativity is an open mind and passion.

So my target market is anyone who is creative, open minded and passionate. If you are, then you are a potential customer and someone who will benefit from my services.
Clearly, my defined market is eliminating the masses. It takes a special person to be creative, open minded and passionate; not just anybody will qualify.

And with that, by definition, I am knitting my niche, again; narrowly defining who I can help thrive.

I hope that person can be you.

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