24 Hours in New York City

dscn0816.JPGdscn0813.JPGdscn0805.JPGdscn0824.JPGdscn0799.JPGIt was an exciting day in New York City. Actually the flight was perfectly on time- what a surprise!  Got in, jumped in an cab, and headed over to Mickey Mantles Restaurant to check out the press conference for Steve Wolf. It was definitely an exciting couple of hours. Marty Appel, former PR director for the Yankees, organized and ran the event. Good press turnout from 10 New York based broadcasting stations, including Fox 5, Chanel 7 and Chanel 9, as well as a journalist from the New York Post and 4 other radio stations in New York.

Joe Pepitone, former Yankee first baseman, who then went on to play with the Chicago Cubs for a few years, was there as well. He played briefly with Mickey Mantle and was full of stories- what fun. (He is the guy swinging the bat in the picture above.)

It was a very proud moment for Steve Wolf and exciting to be there to see.  His 1961 Old Yankee Stadium will be on display until opening day in April. If your in New York City go and check it out.

We left the press conference and went on to check out ground zero and Ellis Island, followed by catching the 7 Tony Award winning Broadway show, The Drowsy Chaperone. When we entered the theater we were right behind Nathan Lane. I loved him in The Birdcage.

When we left the theater and jumped into a cab coincidentally on the radio we heard one of the feeds from the press conference!! What a fun 24 hours…

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