It Only Takes One

It only takes winning one big audition in life to have all the opportunities you ever need.

Just one.

As I search for a star publisher or literary agent, my biggest wish is to find one that has represented or published a fair number of household names. I want an A+ agent or publishing house; really rare for a new author, like me, to find.

This week I am being offered a chance to reach for my dream.

Roger Jellinek, former editor at The New York Times Book Review and former editor in chief at The New York Times Publishing Company, is interested in Starving Artist Not!; my book.

I have worked for 10 months writing Starving Artist Not!; dreaming that maybe I would have a chance like this. It has been a long long time since I have felt this much excitement and felt this alive from my creativity and the possibilities it holds.

Writing has been a wonderful way for me to recharge my creative battery and restore my passion.

This week I have been working extraordinarily hard to pull together the material Roger wants to read for my big audition.

I want him to be powerfully moved, to embrace my mission, to see why I can help so many artists creatively earn a good living doing what they love. I want him to be excited by my work.

But I don’t have control over any of that.

As passionate as I feel about it, it’s out of my hands.

But what I do have control over, right now, is enjoying the moment.

My dream is in front of me.

Right now.

It Only Takes One.

I hope this is mine.

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