Hey My Blue Star Readers

blue-star1If you are one of my blue star (test batch) readers, I am pleased to tell you that your copy of Build A Blue Bike will be mailed to you on Thursday. I am off to Italy on Saturday to perform as a soloist (very fun gig) with a wind ensemble for a week and I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback and suggestions. I am extending your reading time, since I am a few days late in mailing it, until the end of September. I am also offering a prize for the best feedback which I will share more with you about in the cover letter with the manuscript.

You are true pioneers for being brave enough to read Build A Blue Bike and for being willing to give it a test ride. For both those good deeds, all of you will have a blue star in my book by your names.

Besides, you might just wind up building a blue bike of your very own, and that would give you 2….

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