What will I be when I grow up?

It seems that college is a wonderful place to learn but not necessarily a place to decide what you will be when you grow up. I know from my own experiences teaching college students that many in the middle of their senior year where still trying to decide what their next step would be.

I recently have stumbled into a fairly recent college graduate that has taken the discovery of his future to the farthest extreme I have ever seen. His name is Brett Familoe and along with a few of his friends he started Pursue the Passion. The mission of this project is to travel and interview people who are passionate about their careers. Their passion is pursuing what others are passionate about.

I will be participating in their project along with a long list of others. Check out their ability to attract great press and how they have turned their obsessions with the passionate pursuit of others into a working enterprise. Here is an excerpt from their site as well as the link to their site.

Pursue the Passion started as a group of three recent college grads who embarked on cross country roadtrips to interview passionate professionals about their career paths. We created this site because we felt that others could benefit from these interviews, and use them to determine a direction to take their careers.

It’s our belief that everyone should be passionate about their profession. We have made it our mission to provide inspiration, guidance, and community support to help you find work you’ll love.

Inside our site you will find all of the interviews we have conducted on our summer journeys, along with a blog that captures the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

We want this site to be a resourceful destination for aspiring individuals to learn about life, passion, and careers, and for you to share your experiences. We welcome you in being a part of its success.


Brett Farmiloe

Faced with a career decision upon graduation in May 2006, Brett conceived the idea of conducting exploratory interviews with influential professionals to discover the path to a passionate career. As founder of PTP, Brett’s goal is to create and develop resources that help individuals not only identify their passions, but also assist with the pursuit.
Brett loves to receive random emails from people, so send him a message with anything that’s on your mind. He can offer insight on the “what should I do with my life” dilemma, and is always willing to share his experiences that range from roadtrips to cubicle claustrophobia.

Brett’s duties on the 2007 tour include conducting interviews across the nation, writing about them on his Journey Blog, and “steering” (both literally and figuratively) the Pursue The Passion team in the right direction.

James Whiting

James has aspired to open his own music recording studio since the age of 13. Now 24 and recently graduated from the University of Arizona, he hopes to gain insight on how to make that dream materialize.

Noah Pollock

As a student of creative writing and Spanish linguistics, Noah realized long before graduation his areas of study could be broadly applied to many fields—to which field they will be applied, however, remains a bit of a mystery.

As one-half of Class Project, Noah has been recording music for five years and is now ready to take to the road, supporting those travels as a writer on the Pursue the Passion team.

Zach Hubbell

Zach left his position as an auditor one week before the 2007 tour launched to serve as the utility player for Pursue the Passion. Zach edits video, writes summaries, cold calls lots of people, takes the wheel every once in a while, and does whatever is necessary to make the tour a success

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