Making positive changes in your life, your business or in your relationships requires trust.

When I am working on anything challenging in life, I seek first the answers from within and then ask my husband and two other dearly trusted friends. If my husband or my friends have a different perspective, I listen and try to find a path of consensus. Not because I am unable to decide what to do on my own, but because I have learned that my trusted circle of advisors adds something I never saw or thought about to the outcome of the decision.

So this means conversely, even when the news is completely different than what I feel would be best, I listen to my trusted advisors. They have yet to fail me. I learned long ago to listen to those I trust because I have never accomplished anything of any importance making decisions alone. The times I have tried to, I have miserably failed. Not because I did not have most of the decision properly figured out, but because I missed an important opportunity to add a needed new leg or arm to my decision that dramatically changed its shape when I followed the collective input from my trusted advisors.

While it is truly hard to trust in the perceptions of others when it comes to major decisions in our lives– you know, the kind of decisions that make us sweat and can lead us to great glory or great destruction– it is in those moments far easier to rationalize away why we know best. It is by far harder to allow those who know us best to change and shape our decisions by giving them our trust.

We often underestimate the power of trust to transform us, as well as the magic trusting creates in making us who we need to become.

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