Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Boy is Santa’s sleigh full of clarinets this year. Between speaking to parents who joyfully share about their budding musician, while standing in the bathroom with the shower running to place their order in secrecy, to parents calling with college age musicians needing to buy an “A” clarinet before college auditions, I, all of a sudden, have found myself working a full time job at the clarinet shop!

What I love about the clarinet shop is all of the interesting wonderful families I speak to. I find the parents of these lucky musicians, who are about to get a new instrument, really interesting. I am encouraged and delighted to meet parents who are really interested in entrepreneurship and who want to know my thoughts on how to help their child create an interesting artistic life that economically makes sense.

What is most encouraging, is that most of them truly believe that their child is creative enough, with a little help, to find a way to survive and thrive. How exciting!

Times ARE changing. I can see the beginning of a real openness in young musicians and their parents to find new ways to flourish inside their creative interests and outside traditional career paths.

Who knows what all these young clarinetists can create?

Maybe one of them can create a way to “beam up” their new clarinet right into their house. These old fashioned boxes and wrapping materials just gotta go- they slow down Santa’s deliveries. But until then, time to get back to packing another sleigh.

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