God Bless Brad Pitt

I can’t say I ever thought I would say this but God Bless Brad Pitt.

God knows Brad might be easy on the eyes, but who ever thought he was more than a pretty face? Certainly, up until now, not I.

I admit to being enamored with Hollywood figures, not for their physical beauty or often incredible stupidity-that only too much money can bring- but instead, because I wonder just exactly how did they get there? Call me odd, but I find myself the most curious about why people wind up in the places in life they do- famous or not.

Well, at least for me, if not the rest of the world, I now know why Brad Pitt is where he is. It is not to be a famous actor or to have been involved romantically with two very pretty women. Nor is it to raise his newly adopted children, as generous as that may seem.

I think Brad Pitt is beginning to find his true calling- finally- and New Orleans is going to benefit from the wealth and fame that his art form, acting, has brought to help him accomplish it. I would buy a ticket to the next film Brad Pitt makes for this reason alone.

Pitt’s passion is easy to spot with his Make it Right project for New Orleans. Pitt intends to build 150 affordable eco-friendly homes during the next two years in the still devastated Lower Ninth Ward. Pitt and film producer Steve Bing have each promised to match five million in contributions to the project.

While Pitt could fund this project entirely on his own, to me, makes little difference. What I see is a man beginning to risk and act with his heart, letting everyone see a part of who he really is. He is using his art form as a tool to change what he can about the world even if not a single one of his movies, that made him rich and famous in the first place, has.

I hope every artist can find his or her own way to be so lucky.

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