CAF Artist Competition in Chicago

The Union League Civic and Arts Foundation in Chicago have added some wonderful new competitions to their well known classical music competition for 2008. Now if you are a classical instrumentalists or singer, compose jazz music, creatively write, improvise jazz or are a visual artist– then this competition is for you.

Applicants must live or study in the Chicago metropolitan area. All of these competitions have a high school, college and young adult division.

As a two time winner in the classical performance division, as well as having been a judge of this competition in recent years, I can attest to this foundation not only being well run, but to the award money being a meaningful sum to help you on your artistic and/or entreprenurial journey.

Classical instrumentalist/vocal first place prizes range from $3000 to $15000
Jazz composition from $600 to $1200
Creative writing from $1000 to $3500
Jazz improvisation from $1000 to $4500
Visual arts from $3000 to $5000

All applications are available to download at www.civicandarts.org. All applications must be postmarked by June 2, 2008.

  • Hello, are any artists out there that need money? Hello? Are you there??

    I judged this competition today and 2 young, talented and VERY lucky individuals won $3000 and $6000. Only 13 ( YES I SAID 13) wind players came to audition!

    Could you have used this money right now? How come you were not there to audition?

    If money could grow on trees it would look like this competition! If you live in the Chicago area and either attend school or study privately and are under the age of 30, next year you need to apply…..

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