Why Wait?

This weekend I had the privilege of participating in a “ Make 2008 Your Best Year Ever” retreat with Tama Kieves in Santa Fe New Mexico. I have blogged about Tama before, but if you are new to ETA then you may not know about her fabulous book This Time I Dance. (If you want to be inspired to reach for your dreams in life, read her book.)

I went to this retreat not only for the benefits of being a participant, but also to see Tama at work and to see who attends her workshops. I found myself amongst writers, painters, a talk show host, hypnotist, life coach and a number of inspired-life seekers.

Some of the inspired-life seekers were miserable in their jobs and some felt adrift in their ho-hum lives, but all were seeking refuge inside the safety of their desires to produce a life they love. Everyone who attended this retreat was at least 40 and I would guess the average to be 50ish.

What struck me the most about this weekend was not Tama’s great coaching or inspiration, but instead how easy it is to put your desires on hold and to watch your life march on without you fully in it. It really does not matter your age or your accomplishments, as these retreat attendees demonstrated. At any age and with any level of accomplishment you can fear change, distrust your inner voice, squash your desires and slowly let you soul die.

What it takes to live an inspired-life is changing your internal voice and listening to that which nourishes, protects, and applauds your efforts, with every step, as you risk becoming who you really are. Waiting for more money, your kids to leave the nest, the perfect dream or your confidence to appear with age is simply not going to happen. So why wait? Risk with your heart. Take a step.

I watched a few women make this vow. I hope for them they do what comes next –act on their intention- because if they do, I know the net they need to protect their dream will appear. Even if it comes in a new shape they did not foresee, or changes direction, it is only through action that your path to your inspired-life can begin.

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