Blu Chipz

Do you have what it takes to get to the next level? If your an athlete, BluChipz will help you get there. With over 7 million students participating in high school sports and about 400,000 in college, scouting services and publishers can only cover athletes at the top camps and tournaments. Recent start up BluChipz, however, can help you get noticed.

www.BluChipz.com caters to all athletes regardless of if you’re a top prospect, need to raise your profile or you’re just in it for fun. You can show and prove your athletic skills through BluChipz.com. You generate the content, so it’s a chance for you to write your own story.

At BluChipz.com male and female athletes can create individual or team profiles and blogs, upload pics and video, list stats and create an athletic resume to gain or increase exposure to coaches, recruiters and fans. In fact, anyone interested in sports (coaches, trainers, fans, booster clubs, etc) can create a profile and get on.

In addition to sports networking and training, you will find links to music, gear, entertainment, organizations and education that fits your lifestyle on BluChipz.

Interesting idea. Does it give you one for your artistic start-up?

I found this start-up venture because of a six part series the founder, Greg Ridley, blogged about starting BluChipz. Here is what he wrote:

A Guide To Starting Your Company Part 1

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

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