Too Much To Do Makes For a Bottomless List

Ever since the first of the new year, I don’t know where my time has gone– it simply has vaporized before my eyes. I know I have accomplished a great deal, yet my To DO List has a number of big projects on it that have been patiently waiting their turn to be done:

The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble recently had an excellent artistic meeting, but the website remains unfinished. I have most everyone’s head shots, bios and most of the material for the site ready to go, but now need to carve out a few days and simply finish it.

In my life I have bought and sold a number of pieces of commercial real estate and have held a salesperson’s license for a number of years. Last year I completed all the course work to finally get my real estate brokers license, but I still have not carved out the time I need to take the state licensing exam.

And of course, this time of year, I have accounting work to complete to finish the financial statements I must have to do my corporate tax returns for year end 2007.

But the clock is ticking and it is time to get some of this stuff done:

The website has to be up in the next sixty days as we are hoping to open our first Bite-Size production in The City of Chicago in May/June.

My real estate brokers license state exam must be taken before the end of May or I will have to complete my coursework all over again.

Oh and taxes? Well, they are due by March 15th which is just around the corner….

Where does the time go? I have been working hard and yet there is still too much left on my list to do. Being an entrepreneur sure does produce a to do list that keeps on giving…

  • I feel you pain my To-Do list just keeps on growing with so little being crossed off. There are time I have to complete un-hook my laptop go to the library and just get stuff done. I leave my cell phone and any other distractions in the car.

    (and then come back to about 500 e-mails waiting responses in my inbox)

    ATP Inc – Do You Need A Website

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