Do we learn from failures or success?

I am not sure there is a concrete lesson to be had from either unless you can learn to objectively look at both and accept that failure just might stink and that a success may not offer a whole lot more than a few moments of glory. By letting go of the idea that something to learn comes from failure, or that you can always duplicate your success, you have the opportunity to let go of the shame of losing or the enlarged ego that comes with a big win. Perhaps a far more valuable lesson!

According to Barry Moltz, author of a new book titled Bounce, “if we let go of whatever the last result was — we can actually Bounce! We can learn what — if any thing — from the last success or failure and get ready by bouncing to the next decision that we have to make.”

Barry claims that any success or failure is just a part of the entire business lifecycle. Individually, a particular result or outcome actually means nothing. No event will guarantee the same result in the future. By learning to bounce through this repetitive process of “success and failure, failure and success”, you will develop a resiliency that will lead to the true business confidence that ultimately determines which ones of us succeed.

More importantly, it allows each of us to have passion and enthusiasm regardless of where we are in the cycle. It allows us to get ready for our next great success!

I consider Barry Motlz both a friend and mentor. I met Barry for the first time over lunch. As a result of our initial meeting he convinced me to write a book. Barry lead me to my next success and I would encourage you to buy and read his book to help you get to yours.

Bounce is just about to be released and can be ordered on Amazon. Here is an excerpt from Barry’s new book, Bounce.

  • Which of failure or success is the better teacher?

    I think it depends on the sort of person we are. Different strokes for different folks!!

    True, but I think Barry’s point, and a valid one, is that if we diminish the impact
    of either we have a better chance of coping, surviving the next down turn and
    ultimately thriving…

  • Lisa, thanks for the mention.

    Both are good teachers or maybe sometimes there is nothing to learn at all. We need to see success and failure as part of the business lifecycle. Let go of both, take action. Bounce! so we can get ready for our next great success!

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