Art Outside

I just returned, last week, from a well organized event called Rise Austin where I spoke to an amazing group of entrepreneurial artists. Since my return, I have been flooded with emails from many I met there including this one that seemed too cool to not post. If you live in the Austin area, go and check this out. I myself might be there next weekend.


If you have never experienced the Enchanted Forest, now is your chance to see it in all of its glory! Those cute little forest creatures have outdone themselves this time.

Art Outside is bigger and better than ever this year, with hundreds of artists, musicians, performers and wild creations everywhere!

What is it?

It’s part carnival, part music festival, and one of the best showcases of local and ‘outsider’ art you will see all year. If you live in the Austin area bring the kids to get their faces painted or participate in a puppet show. Most important of all – come buy some art! We have lots of low-priced treasures for your bare walls.

For more information go to Art

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