The Business of Easter

Consumers are expected to spend $14.4 billion on food, apparel, gifts, flowers, decorations and candy to celebrate Easter this year, according to a National Retail Federation study.

The research finds the average consumer will shell out $135.03 on the holiday, similar to last year’s expected $135.07.

According to The Business Review, this year, 79 percent of consumers will hit the stores to stock up on marshmallow-shaped chicks, Easter baskets, plastic bunnies, flimsy hats and chocolate-covered eggs. Of those celebrating, the majority will spend an average of $41.09 on Easter meals. Consumers will also dish out an average of $23.82 for apparel, $21.42 for gifts, $18.12 on candy, $9.11 on flowers and $7.21 on decorations, according to the retail group.

While Easter is not a “retail” holiday, but a spiritual one, artful creativity seems like it needs to be included in the spending habits of the average consumer. What can you identify in your market place that is missing that next Easter you can create, market and sell?

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