Michael Howard Studios

flight_to_serenity by Michael Howard.jpg

This painting, by Michael Howard, is titled Flight to Serenity. What I love most about Michael Howard’s work is that as a non musician he is fascinated with and devoted to music.

I met Michael at the IJE (International Jazz Educators) Conference back in the 90’s. Michael impressed me with his salesmanship, approach to marketing his work and of course, with his artwork.

I worked with Michael for a number of years, commissioning his artwork for covers for my mail-order musical instrument catalogs and offering limited edition prints from originals he designed for sale to customers. The years we worked together were some of the best years I had in business.

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  • I love all the small details in this picture. If you look at it long enough you keep finding hidden things and hidden meanings. I really like it and would never have guessed that the artist wasn’t a musician.

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