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Need to learn more about how to market your organization or new start-up? The ArtsMarketing.org helps your organization address its daily marketing needs and longer-term marketing issues.

ArtsMarketing.org is a project of Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts. Arts & Business Council is the national headquarters of the Arts & Business Council Inc., Arts and Business Council of New York, Business Volunteers for the Arts national affiliate network, and operates the National Arts Marketing Project.

This website is rich with marketing support and information. Especially relevant is their hot topics page which offers a wide variety of articles on the following topics:
Audience Development
Buzz Marketing
Changing Demographics
Community Building
Customer Communication

Workshops and training is also offered in the following cities: Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Pheonix, San Francisco, Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater and the Washington DC Metropolitian Area.

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