Obama Speaks About The Arts

Check out this speech Barack Obama gave this week in PA regarding the arts and arts education.

While I am torn between electing a woman as president and the compelling charisma of Barack, this certainly speaks clearly as a great reason to vote for him. I certainly would love to see Hillary speak on the topic as well.

If you did not hear this, here is your chance:


  • Glenn

    How about kids that do good in math do well in Music!

  • Kim

    You don’t have to convince people to fund math! The point is that the arts (not just music or visual art) are important.
    Period! If you ask most people they will tell you the arts aren’t important and it’s OKAY to cut funding for them. People don’t take into account just how important the arts are to your everyday life. Without art what would the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the house you live in, the books you read look like? What would the music you listen to (if there even was any to listen to)sound like? Obviously I could got on for a long time noting how art influences your daily life, but I won’t bore you witht he details. Look around your world, you tell me if you think art is important or not.

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