12 for Musicians Only

Are you familiar with it? ReverbNation is similiar to MySpace, except this entire website is dedicated to musicians only. ReverbNation offers an incredible number of online marketing/PR tools available to musicians for free.

In particular, their newest tool, the Tune Widget can be placed on virtually any web page, MySpace, home page, or blog.

This tune widget is five widgets in one. You can play more then five featured tracks (MySpace has a four track limit), post information about your group, including performing schedules and videos, as well as have your newest fan join the mailing list instantly. Your fans can also share this widget with others to help you spread your music for you.

The tune widget offers easy cross-promotion for you with other artists — friends, label-mates, touring partners, AND you can also track everything that happens with your music using ReverbNation’s free statistics package.

All of these features that are included in this single tune widget are also available through ReverbNation separately for free. Wow. Can self promotion get any easier?


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