Resources for Arts Entrepreneurship

Resources for Arts Entrepreneurship are deeper than we think. This past week I have been spending a significant amount of time doing research for The Resource Guide for Emerging Artistic Entrepreneurs I am writing. This guide will contain available workshops, classes, newsletters, blogs, coaching sessions, online courses, seminars and every other imaginable format available to educate artists in the different facets of entrepreneurship in the arts being offered by artists and for artists around the globe.

I knew that there was a plethora of interest in this topic, but I frankly had no idea how deep it is and how many sources there are for support, information and assistance that most all of us do not know exists.

One resource I recently found, for general information about specific issues faced by entrepreneurs as their businesses grow, can be found in a new site designed by Denny Dennis with the The National Federation of Independent Business Association. While not specifically focused on the arts, The NFIB Research Foundation is one of the leading sources of information about small business in the United States, making it an ideal tool to benchmark artistic ventures success and progress.

This new site, 411 Small Business Facts, allows you to perform specific searches of all of the small business polls conducted over the years. So if you have a question about what other entrepreneurs are doing about marketing, hiring, accounting or banking etc. you now have a tool to make finding out much easier.

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