Katrina Markoff Speaks at Taste3


Owner and founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Katrina Markoff, reveals her four step process– of falling in love, inspiration, vision and action– that lead her to found her company and is the basis for her design of each of her delicious and creative new chocolate collections. Katrina’s explanation of her process reveals a lot about the entrepreneurial process and mindset. And, as an added bonus, you might find what she says easy to apply to something you love.

TASTE3 brings together writers, thinkers, chefs, winemakers, journalists, artisans, and executives, as speakers and hosts, to explore their views and ideas about food, wine and art. TASTE3 is presented by Robert Mondavi Winery. This years conference is July 17-19 in Napa, California.

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