A Mission with A Beating Heart

I am a woman on a mission. There are times I am working for so long that I forget to eat, drink water, get up to go to the bathroom or even move from my spot. If I were a bird, I would be a Blue Heron, sitting so still that my appearance blends into my surroundings until I almost disappear.

But I am not one of those beautiful birds I discover hidden in plain view, on my boat trips around Fox lake, but instead a woman who holds in her hands the pulse of a mission with a beating heart which is impossible to conceal because it’s so loud you can hear it.

What mission beats so loudly to you it calls your name? What is it you must have or do in your life with artistry that you know will change someone else’s world forever?

In the presentation I gave a few weeks ago at the International Clarinet Festival, a young woman came up to me afterwards and said ” Thank you. I needed someone to tell me that I could give myself permission to use the clarinet to create who I want to be.” I still can see her face and know that on that day she crossed into a world she has yet to know, but one that will transform her artistic trepidation into excitement, wonder and possibilities.

And I know that once that young woman knows exactly what calls her name, just as I hope you do too, and soon, that all three of us can sit together amazed by the pulse, the energy, the life force we hold in our hands, beating like a drum, as we march towards the mission we as entrepreneurial artists must create.

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