Artists Coalition Brings in Voters

Using contemporary artists’ original works on billboards throughout the state of Missouri, from early September to early November 2008, a nonpartisan organization, Art the Vote hopes to elevate the importance of registering and voting in the November election.

The organizations focus is to engage, register and mobilize young voters and the creative community in the political process prior to the November 2008 election. Art the Vote was launched by a committee of artists and arts supporters in January of 2008. This Missouri-based effort is among the many unprecedented “firsts” of this election year.

This design is by David Stephensen, who had this to say about his work and involvement in the project.: “I am 19 years old and just graduated from Sumner High School in St. Louis. I work as an artist’s apprentice at Boomerang Press, the social enterprise of St. Louis ArtWorks. We work after school and through the summer doing graphic design and learning other disciplines. During the 2008 spring program, our writing group created poetry about democracy and we illustrated their ideas. They wrote of both the positive and the negatives of living in a free country, and what that means to us as urban teens, many who will be voting for the first time in this fall’s presidential election. I was asked to create an illustration for the cover of the book we published of their work, and this image is a modified version of that cover.”

Art the Vote is looking to team up with galleries, museums and arts and cultural organizations across the state of Missouri throughout the late summer and early fall to help register and turn out voters.
Cool idea, huh?

Contact Sue McCollum at if you’d like to host an ATV voter registration event or better yet, there is still time to organize one of your own where you live.

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