3 Weeks to Start Up

Are you wondering how to take your dream- the one you are writing about for the soon to launch Entrepreneurial Artist Contest- and turn it into reality?

You can now fast track your business step by step using Tim Berry and Sabrina Parsons high speed guide to starting a business: 3 Weeks to Start up.

So can you really start a company in 3 weeks you might ask?

According to author Sabrina Parsons, Yes and no.

“You can get your business going very quickly these days. There are tons of tools online that can help you get everything set up and started in 3 weeks with no problems at all. But will you be selling and bringing in revenue in 3 weeks? Maybe. The book helps someone focus on starting the business the right way, without extra cost and time going into the logistics of their business. It was a fun book to focus on and a fun book to write. The internet has provided a new way of getting your business started and has made the process cheaper and faster and we outline all these new ways to get your business started in the book.”

Sabrina said that writing her book was just another way for her to continue to support entreprenuers- keep the love coming Sabrina!

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