Closing "The Gap" Inside of You

Today I was working with a clarinet customer in the shop. She is a graduate student and next May will be out of school. This talented clarinetists who besides playing well, knits, sews, paints and makes jewelry, was telling me how most of her friends are unhappy and lacking in the know how to be more entrepreneurial, and as a result are working day jobs they hate.

Ironically, on the way home tonight in the car, I heard this author Michelle DeAngellis, speaking about her new book: Get a Life That Doesn’t Suck.

Given that Thursday is Thanksgiving, and with this rotten economy we might all need to dig a little deeper to find a place to feel thankful, maybe a good place to start is with giving a little bit first to ourselves to get us in the mood. Sometimes the quickest way to feeling better is to get a grip on what’s bugging us in life.

According to Michelle, life sucks because of “the Gap.”

The “Gap” is the measurable difference between your thoughts and your actions; it’s the difference between what you think and what you do. It is also known as the place where misery lives. Your Gap points out how in or out of sync your behavior is with your professed beliefs. A big Gap means they’re out of sync, which sucks.

People who are unhappy generally have a lot of gaps. They don’t speak the truth, they hide who they are, do things unconsciously, wait for something to happen “to” them, and search for meaning but don’t take the steps necessary to achieve it.

Here are the symptoms of a Gap just begging to be closed:

You don’t have much love in your life, not even for yourself.
You don’t hold yourself accountable.
You have no faith.
You feel uncertain and anxious.
You have “your way” of doing things and that’s it.
You live in fear and lack.
You are rigid and inflexible.
You don’t have good boundaries.
You don’t take care of yourself.
You think everything and everyone is a pain in the neck.

Want to learn from Michelle how to start to close your own gaps? Click here and take her quiz.

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