The MFA is the new MBA

Thinking about trying to advance your career? Here are a few reasons why maybe going to art school wasn’t such a bad career move after all, if your willing to expand your thinking about what you can do with your profession.

#1 Getting into Harvard’s Business School must be easy. At least that’s what those who apply to the graduate program at the UCLA Department of Art must think, when they don’t get in. While Harvard MBA’s program admits about 10 percent of applicants, UCLA’s fine art graduate school admits only 3 percent.

What is driving this, you ask?

#2 Corporate recruiters. They now look for talent at top arts graduate schools like the Rhode Island School of Design, the School of the Arts Institute in Chicago and Michigan’s Cranbrook Academy of Art.

#3 In 1993, 61 percent of new recruits from the top-notch management consultancy firm McKinsey’s had MBA degrees. Less than a decade later, it was down to 43 percent, because McKinsey says other disciplines are just as valuable in helping new hires perform well at their firm.

#4 In the United States the number of graphic designers has increased tenfold in a decade; graphic designers outnumber chemical engineers by four to one.

#5 Since 1970, the United States has 30 percent more people living as writers and 50 percent more earning a living by composing or performing music. Some 240 U.S. universities have established creative writing MFA programs, up from fewer than twenty two decades ago.

#6 More Americans today work in arts, entertainment, and design than work as lawyers, accountants and auditors.

Thank you Mr. Daniel Pink, from A Whole New Mind:Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future (Riverhead Books)

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