SmARTist Tele-Conference Jan 15, 16 & 19-23

Build your art career from the comforts of home and learn from the “experts” while doing it via tele-conference.

2009 speakers include: Paul Dorrell- Successful Gallery Owner & Corporate Art Consultant, Alyson B. Stanfield- Art Career Expert, Joan Stewart- Self Promotion Expert, Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.- Fulfilling Dreams Expert, Leonard DuBoff- Art Law Expert, Molly Gordon, MCC- Entrepreneur Expert, Peter Jason Riley- CPA Tax Expert, Shirley Williams- Successful Artist & Presentation Expert, Mari Smith- Relationship Expert, Nancy Marmolejo- Visibility Expert, Guillermo Cuellar, Ed.D.- Creativity Expert & Psychotherapist, and the creator or the SmARTist Tele-Conference Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

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Here is a list of some of the things you can expect to learn:

*How you can take advantage of the hottest, new online marketing strategy, even if you’ve never heard of Web 2.0

*What you must know about selling your work in a corporate setting—so you don’t blow it

*How you can develop an art career vision, and business strategies, founded on your deepest values

*75% of US adults can be now found in social media—isn’t it time you tapped into this gold mine?

*What common mistakes you need to avoid when you put together your portfolio—or look like an amateur

*How to identify your most likely art buyers—so you can reach more of them and build a following

*How to find corporations who want your art

*Why Facebook doesn’t have much to do with class reunions, and everything to do with selling your art

*How to effectively negotiate contracts with corporations—or risk losing part of your sweet deal

*Why serious life and death crises can paralyze creativity, and how to keep the juices flowing

*Which tax deductions you can legally take as an artist—and which ones you’ve been missing out on

*How to make your art career sizzle with online tricks you need to know

*How to find a market for your art that fits who you are as a person and an artist

*Which inner blocks (fears, self criticism, guilt, pain) stop you from fulfilling your dreams—and how to win them over with simple techniques

*How a clear vision for your art gives you guidelines for making difficult decisions with peace and strength

*How to prioritize and develop the right promotional materials—for the right audience

*Why “tweeting” should be at the top of your list— or you miss out on a ready-made audience of potential art buyers

*How to follow up with potential buyers without fumbling the ball or falling over fear

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