The Girl From Someplace Else

"The Girl from Someplace Else"When I was in Santa Fe, NM, over the New Year, we of course stopped in to my favorite gallery there, Selby Fleetwood. I stumbled upon another of Rodney Hatfield’s paintings that I simply adore. While not mine yet, I simply love its duplicity and thought I would share it with all of you as a Happy New Year’s offering.

Rodney signs his paintings “art snake.” While I think how much you love something is far more important than the signature, I wonder if not using his name diminishes or helps to preserve (or increase) its value?

Either way, I find Rodney’s signature choice distinctive and interesting.

  • Interesting painting!! Don’t worry about his signature, it probably doesn’t do anything to the value.

  • In addition to being a painter Rodney is a fine musician, I’ve worked with him on various projects over three decades. He combines music and art in his work with Kentucky based art collective Tin Can Buddha. http://www.tincanbuddha.com

    Very cool connection Lee. Thanks for sharing and I love the clip on your site of Rodney playing the harmonica. He sounds great! Lisa

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