Grant Institute's Grant Workshops 2009: BUYER BEWARE!

Please check out the following links and read the comments below this post before going even one step further!!




The Grant Institute’s Grants 101: Professional Grant Proposal Writing Workshop will be holding a number of workshops in various cities over the next three months. A list of cities and dates is listed below.

Interested development professionals, researchers, faculty, and graduate students should register as soon as possible, as demand means that seats will fill up quickly. Please forward, post, and distribute this e-mail to your colleagues and listservs.

All participants will receive certification in professional grant writing from the Institute. For more information call: 888-824-4424 or visit The Grant Institute at www.thegrantinstitute.com.

Please find the program description below:

The Grant Institute’s Grants 101 course is an intensive and detailed introduction to the process, structure, and skill of professional proposal writing. This course is characterized by its ability to act as a thorough overview, introduction, and refresher at the same time. In this course, participants will learn the entire proposal writing process and complete the course with a solid understanding of not only the ideal proposal structure, but a holistic understanding of the essential factors, which determine whether or not a program gets funded. Through the completion of interactive exercises and activities, participants will complement expert lectures by putting proven techniques into practice. This course is designed for both the beginner looking for a thorough introduction and the intermediate looking for a refresher course that will strengthen their grant acquisition skills. This class, simply put, is designed to get results by creating professional grant proposal writers.

Participants will become competent program planning and proposal writing professionals after successful completion of the Grants 101 course. In three active and informative days, students will be exposed to the art of successful grant writing practices, and led on a journey that ends with a masterful grant proposal.

Grants 101 consists of three (3) courses that will be completed during the three-day workshop.

(1) Fundamentals of Program Planning

This course is centered on the belief that “it’s all about the program.” This intensive course will teach professional program development essentials and program evaluation. While most grant writing “workshops” treat program development and evaluation as separate from the writing of a proposal, this class will teach students the relationship between overall program planning and grant writing.

(2) Professional Grant Writing

Designed for both the novice and experienced grant writer, this course will make each student an overall proposal writing specialist. In addition to teaching the basic components of a grant proposal, successful approaches, and the do’s and don’ts of grant writing, this course is infused with expert principles that will lead to a mastery of the process. Strategy resides at the forefront of this course’s intent to illustrate grant writing as an integrated, multidimensional, and dynamic endeavor. Each student will learn to stop writing the grant and to start writing the story. Ultimately, this class will illustrate how each component of the grant proposal represents an opportunity to use proven techniques for generating support.

(3) Grant Research

At its foundation, this course will address the basics of foundation, corporation, and government grant research. However, this course will teach a strategic funding research approach that encourages students to see research not as something they do before they write a proposal, but as an integrated part of the grant seeking process. Students will be exposed to online and database research tools, as well as publications and directories that contain information about foundation, corporation, and government grant opportunities. Focusing on funding sources and basic social science research, this course teaches students how to use research as part of a strategic grant acquisition effort.

$597.00 tuition includes all materials and certificates.

Each student will receive:
*The Grant Institute Certificate in Professional Grant Writing
*The Grant Institute’s Guide to Successful Grant Writing
*The Grant Institute Grant Writer’s Workbook with sample proposals, forms, and outlines

Registration Methods

1) On-Line – Complete the online registration form at www.thegrantinstitute.com under Register Now. We’ll send your confirmation by e-mail.

2) By Phone – Call 888-824-4424 to register by phone. Our friendly Program Coordinators will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

3) By E-mail – Send an e-mail with your name, organization, and basic contact information to info@thegrantinstitute.com and we will reserve your slot and send your Confirmation Packet.


Williamsburg, VA (January 12 – 14, 2009)

Pittsburgh, PA (January 21 – 23, 2009)

San Diego, CA (January 21 – 23, 2009)

New York, NY (January 26 – 28, 2009)

Des Moines, IA (January 26 – 28, 2009)

Portland, OR (January 28 –30, 2009)


Columbus, OH (February 2 – 4, 2009)

New Orleans, LA (February 11 – 13, 2009)

Honolulu, HI (February 11 – 13, 2009)

Boston, MA (February 18 – 20, 2009)

Chicago, IL (February 18 – 20, 2009)

Dover, NH (February 25 – 27, 2009)

Louisville, KY (February 25 – 27, 2009)


Charleston, SC (March 4 – 6, 2009)

Detroit, MI (March 11 – 13, 2009)

Burlington, VT (March 11 – 13, 2009)

Jacksonville, FL (March 16 – 18, 2009)

Las Vegas, NV (March 18 – 20, 2009)

Providence, RI (March 23 – 25, 2009)

Los Angeles, CA (March 23 – 25, 2009)

Omaha, NE (March 30 – April 1, 2009)

  • Kay Johnson

    Do you have the grant 101 workshop dates and cities for April and May. Their website is under construction.

  • I unfortunately do not… sorry!

  • probsac

    Please see this link below:

    If this is the same organization, they are a scam. Do a google search on ‘the grant institute complaints’ and you will find a lot more complaints.

  • Thanks for letting us all know. I did notice they were completely non responsive and assumed it was the typical ( unfortunately) scenario of a business being run by artists without many business skills. If anyone else has any experiences with this organization, PLEASE do post them here. Thanks again probsac.

  • probsac

    For those of you who missed the seminar, you did not miss anything. The only thing you would have missed would be your time and money and related travel expenses. It is incredible how they are allowed to continue to advertise and scam more innocent people after many complaints had been filed against them in multiple states and cities.

  • Which one did you go to? How did they lay out their material? Can you tell us more specifics??

  • probsac

    Someone in our organization registered to attend the seminar in Las Vegas over a year ago. She flew there from California only to find that the instructor DID NOT SHOW UP. She cannot tell you how their material was laid out because there was NO seminar. We requested a refund but did not receive one. We emailed them and they said it would be processed. No refund was ever received by us. We emailed them again and received no responses. We called and the person who answered the phone did not know anything and he would not transfer our calls to someone in their organization who processes refunds. It is all ONE BIG SCAM. Just count your blessings that you missed it. You just saved yourself a lot of grief and a bunch of money.

  • Yuck. I had trouble reaching them too. Maybe I should take the post down? I certainly don’t want to promote them if this is what they are like overall. Having run growing companies, sometimes growing pains happen, and phones get unanswered and faxes take too long to be read to refund money…. but this sounds like something else all together. Anyone else out there have something to share about this organization? Please weigh in. I would appreciate it!

  • probsac

    Ooops, did not mean to do this twice. I thought I lost the prior posting. If their site is down now, I have no doubt that they will have a new site pretty soon with new advertisement of their seminar and a new email address. Here is another link that has more reports of their scam:

  • probsac

    Here is another link about them:

  • Holy Cow! I need to modify this post somehow… I am not sure I know blogging etiquette here….

  • Has anyone turned them into the Better Business Bureau yet? There is also a government watch dog agency that is for the web…trying to find their name now…

  • probsac

    Yes, many people had turned them in to the BBB but somehow they continued their scam. If you can find the name of the government watch dog agency for the web, please post it. Maybe someone can stop them. I feel terrible for those who lost so much money and had to travel so far for nothing.

  • I do know someone specifically and am searching for their name through email. My old web developer is next on this agency’s list as soon as my new site, with a great company http://www.epagecity.com, goes live…. I will find it!

  • HERE IT IS! Can you report them since you have had an experience and have all these links? I think it is best you just submit something. They are VERY good about assigning someone to the “case” and getting back to you…



  • Hi!

    I took the “course” from these guys about 1.5 years ago. I have been asking for a refund ever since. It IS A SCAM!!! They also double billed me and continue to send me bills, even though I have mailed them and called them.

    The seminar was a shambles! There were at LEAST 120 participants, they split into 2 groups; the rooms were totally inadequate; the instructor that was supposed to show up “didn’t” so a very charming man READ US A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION FOR THE ENTIRE TIME!!!

    The participants were furious – and as far as I know nobody even got an answer from them, never mind a refund!!

  • Uuggh. This is horrible news. Who is going to turn them in to http://www.citizen.org??

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  • probsac

    Looks like they are still in operations at this site:

    The contact email address from the site is:

    I was told the name of the owner is Anthony Jones. So Tony Jones might also be Anthony Jones?????

  • probsac

    People from this site has more dirt on them:


    Tuesday, 7 October 2008 2:46 pm
    Not only are they a spam group they are are SCAM group. Unfortunately I signed up to attend one of their institutes and paid with a check. I showed up for the institute and no one from the Grant Institute was there–only a few other unsuspecting folks. Attemts to get a refund have been to no avail. I even got 3 e-mails today confirming my attendance at their “rescheduled” institute in Atlanta. You can never get an answer from anyone you talk to there. Anthony Jones, if he exists, is never in. Must be nice to work there because there is usually someone who answers the phone but everyone else is gone for the day no matter what time you call. I wish I knew how to put a stop to the SPAM and SCAM and put the crooks in jail.

    10. hp left…
    Tuesday, 28 October 2008 4:16 pm
    i am sorry to hear you where taking advantage of by the grant institute. I hope this information will help you get you money back. The grant institute is also known as ” The Institute for Communication Improvement”. The owner is Anthony Jones AKA Tony Jones. Patty Patchrint is his girl friend and business partner. They have made several business ventures together which include two LA restaurants, The Wilshire Royal and Mode- both of which have closed recently. The main office for the company was/is located in the Wilshire Grand Hotel. The previous residence of the couple was in downtown LA. This company has taught workshops at hundreds of college around the US and aboard. I am sure if you do a little digging you will find thousands of unsatisfied people such as yourself. It is my understanding that they have been banned from several colleges. Good luck

  • The post I wrote on the grant institute is one of my most visited and linked to on my blog. They scam people around the world – the only thing you can do is make it much more obvious at the top of this post that you think people should not sign up. I would delete some of the text or use a strike-through font to show you no longer think the information is valid or should be shared.

  • Great suggestions! Thanks!

  • Don

    I think this group is now operating as the Grant Foundation Center. Same materials. Different contact person (Sylvie Ditman) and a New York City address, which is just a PO Box (244 5th Ave, NYC 10001). Sylvie’s cell has an LA area code. Same situation: hires presenters, doesn’t pay them, poor materials copied from the Internet. Cancel without notice. Big scam! Be sure your agency, unit of government, university or college has their name in a “Do Not Hire” file.

  • lisa

    I was a complete fool & signed up for their Columbus venue in jan 09. I drove there during an ice storm only to find the stated location bolted shut! Fortunately, their unresponsiveness meant that I DID NOT pay ahead, but still I drove thru some pretty nasty conditions to get there. Of interest, I emailed them afterwards asking why no one was there and since then, we no longer receive their emails. Coincidence? I really don’t know, but prior to that we were getting 2-3 emails/month advertising their grant writing course.

  • Ron

    Went to their Miami workshop this summer and I think Patchree was the instructor. Had a two day course and it was actually pretty good. We were able to apply for stimulus money, although I’m sure we would’ve anyway. Met some good agency folks from around Miami-Dade. Maybe a rare occurrence, but most people were satisfied.

  • probsac

    Ron, you were very lucky that you did not get scammed. Did you buy a lottery ticket? You just might win the big one with your luck!

  • Samm

    In 2006 I attended the class at University of Washington, in Seattle.

    It was well organised, the instructor was articulate, and I learned a lot.

    I tried the web address I had for them, http://thegrantinsitute.com and it is closed.

    They must have gone belly up after I attended.

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  • IT IS A SCAM.the phone number they gave me works, and the reason I called is because after three months they tried to charge me again. I,m considering a call to the attorney generals office for the state of Idaho and file a complaint.

  • I am a small general contractor located in Miami Florida, this bank debacle has hurt many in building business. A grant would help to alleviate some of the stress and I get calls almost every day from alleged grant writers. Its a curiosity to me that most if not all are calling from the grrrrreat state of Nevada. Of course they all want me to send them a check for about three thousand dollars and of course I each time refuse.

    If there is any legitimacy to the grants for small businesses and grant writers I would like to know about both the grants and the grant writers. You can contact me by visiting my website(s). There you will find all contact information. http://www.concepts4building.net, http://www.concepts4building.com, http://www.floridabuildinginspect.com

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