What Does the Cloud Taste?

This wonderfully imaginative poem was written by Jessie Citterman. Jessie is 12 and hopes to be a writer someday. I think she already is…


What Does the Cloud Taste?

What does the cloud taste when you see it in the sky?
Perhaps the cloud tastes a dove as it flaps on by.

What does the sun think when it sees our planet Earth?
Perhaps the sun thinks that to us it just gave birth.

What does the moon hear as it rises in the night?
Perhaps the moon hears a bat screech as it takes flight.

What do the stars smell when a comet races past?
Perhaps the stars smell magic that is here to last.

What does Mars feel when a spaceman lands on its crust?
Perhaps Mars feels this landing is wrong and unjust.

What do humans find when they look through others’ eyes?
Perhaps humans find things that they should not despise.

What would happen if everyone looked at things
from a different point of view?
Perhaps this world would appear to everyone
as if it’s completely new.

  • and wouldn’t it be true. Great work Jessica!

  • Jessie Citterman

    I’m glad that you liked it, James! I’ve written some other poems, but none that were as great as this one. However, one poem I wrote was entered in the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Poetry, Poster, and Prose contest, and was one of the six winners for ones for poetry. You can see it if you Google me on the EPA’s website.

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