Imagination Killers

Ever wonder why some days you feel more creative and imaginative and other days it seems to have disappeared, like flipping a switch?

In a book called Return on Imagination: Realizing the Power of ideas, written by innovation expert Tom Wujec and co-author, retail marketing expert Sandra Muscat, I discovered the results of an imagination survey they created back around 2000. In this survey they uncovered the key factors that interrupt the flow of imagination. Thousands of surveys were collected on the web, all of which are reflected in this diagram. The larger the word and circle, the more frequently the factor appeared in the responses from those surveyed.

The entire chart would not fit in this post so I divided it into two halves so you could see all of the results.

At least for me, the large circle were no surprise at all, but some of the smaller circles were. How many of these do you think contribute to disrupting the flow of your imagination?


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