I am an addict and a gambler

I am an addict and a gambler. Addicted to my crazy world of creativity and ideas, I gamble every day trying to get what’s inside my head into the outside world to be seen.

I love to see ideas come alive. It is what I was put on this earth to help others do. Some days I am better at it than others.

I live for ideas to bring life enhancing progress, growth and evolutionary change. I live to innovate my life, and the lives of others, with my artistic gifts. What can our tomorrow bring?

You might be thinking, Who are you kidding? But to live this life– I will risk it all.

What about you?

From your friend, the addict and gambler…

  • Lisa

    I loved this post! I sometimes wonder if there are others who are constantly brainstorming, innovating, thinking of solutions for their friends and others.

    I am constantly looking at products or coming up with my own ideas for new and improved products. I have notebooks full of ideas that I pass along to friends and collegues (many times without being asked). It is just what I do… Some people play sports, I create!!! It is truly an art.

    My question for you is how do you turn it off? Or, can you??? It might be fun to just BE once in a while. Maybe???


  • Funny Sandy, you should ask… it is not something I have control over. It is a gift that comes through me. I don’t try to have ideas nor do I always feel everyone appreciates that I, like you, am always offering them– though most, I think, do. Afterall, when something is truly a gift you are GOOD at it! And others come to recognize it as a strength and want to benefit from it. But this flood of ideas I have is simply what happens in my daily life that I have come to learn to embrace and enjoy instead of struggle with or turn off. I have learned how to use it to work and to play. When I play, I play with more imagination and when I work, of course, it is useful to my own development and provides benefits to others. I think the biggest challenge with most gifts we are given is learning what to constructively do with them…

    I think artists in particular are often gifted with idea generation and often dismiss their ideas as having little value ( becauae they come so easily and have so many, like we do, they don’t value their potency if properly cultivated) Our artist within does not know a productive use for them in what ever world we live. All these ideas, with some guidance and nurturing, can change the world! I really believe that!!

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