The purpose of art and Darfur

What is the purpose of art?  BIG discussion and many different beliefs are out there. 

Here’s mine.  Art must  contribute to making a real difference in the world.  Mia Farrow is fasting for 21 days starting Monday April 27th.  I think of this as performance art. 

It is time we all became more aware of what is going on in Darfur.  We don’t want another Rwanda, although in some ways it’s happening already.  My mother spent time at Ravensbruck concentration camp and I heard stories about he stay from the age of 10.  I wish everyone had.  We need to raise our voices and stop this NOW.

Since the Foreign caregivers have left, there is very little help, food, medicine, shelter for those that really need it and death by starvation and by massacre is coming.  What are you going to do about it?  How can you use your creativity, your passion, your imagination to make the world a better place, starting with Darfur.  Starting NOW.

Here’s a video explaining the history of Darfur to better understand what is going on and how difficult it is to deal with.  Once again, greed, oil is one of the central forces.

Apologies to anyone who thinks this an inappropriate subject for this web site.  I don’t.

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  • thanks for your thoughts on this Barbara. What is inappropriate is the belief that each of us doesn’t have the right to express our views. You do. And so do all who believe what you say is wrong. There is no way around these issues – and as your dear friend Nurmi said to me, We honor those who have died (insert suffer/struggle/fail etc) more by our action than our mere grief.

    And so each of us should do what we believe we must do. It is only authentic passion that creates change – in art, in war, in love, in life. Thank you for your passion for this issue, borne of understanding the suffering of your Mother. You take your grief and you honor her by your action.

    Vicky Trabosh http://victoriatrabosh.com/blog

  • Donna Kemmetmueller

    Your writing gives evidence that you are an “outward artist”.
    Thank you.

  • Jeff

    Check out Exhibit Darfur – http://www.exhibitdarfur.com. Using art to make a difference for Darfur.

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