Inspired by Adam Shames' You Lecture, I Leave

Just what it says above.  A fellow blogger inspired me to merge his observations with my work. 

As an acting coach, in every class I make sure every person gets up and works, sometimes with one other, sometimes by themselves, sometimes with the whole class, but always in front of an audience, always needing to connect with them.

I believe learning happens not just with the words.  As a matter of fact, I believe it happens the least with words.  Sensorialy and kinestetically we retain so much more and on a deeper level.  Telling me about skiing is just not the same as having me do it, see, smell, taste, touch, hear and move in the experience of it all.

I have always known that speaking is like performing – you need to give the audience an experience.  That requires authenticity, heightened energy, great story telling skills, among other technical needs.   And now I’m am on a mission to find even more deeper ways to involve my audience besides just talking about what they need to know. 

If  you’re interested in addressing your fears about speaking, here’s one assignment I give to some of my actors.

You’ll have to read about it in my next blog:  FEAR REVISTED – Fainting at Nordstroms

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