Self Promotion that Screams "Hire ME!"

My friend Bobbie Soeder, from Catalyst Ranch, sent me in an email this advertisement from Peter Lloyd.

It is the best piece of self promotion I have seen in some time! Not only did I read every word of it, while laughing outloud, but I then spent at least 15 minutes reading through Peter’s website. If you want to see an “authentic” entrepreneur in action, read through Peter’s website and learn from how he uses his personality to create his brand and communicate his talents to his audience.

What can you do to express the work you do in your own authentic way that will scream hire me?

Peter Lloyd is a songwriter, author, ghostwriter, copywriter and content provider. Love this!

  • Thank you for your kind comments.
    I feel obligated to let you in on a nasty little secret, however. This ad produced zero results. While many of my colleagues also have praised its cleverness, no one has offered work.

    Sure, it’s the stinking economy, but you’d think I’d get a nibble. Of course, you never know. I may have reinforced my cred with current clients, something may come yet, and certainly didn’t hurt that you’ve added your applause.

    Thanks again, friends.

  • Ya know Peter, I am not surprised. Most of the time little work comes from self promotion but it does a couple of important things:
    #1 Reminds your clients how clever and valuable you are
    #2 Keeps you in the front of their mind the very next time they need your clever valuableness

    Did you follow up with each of your clients after you sent it? Did you personalize each email? My business is up 33% this year and I bet yours could be too with a little tweaking..

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