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Tonight only!
Are you in Chicago? Are you thinking to yourself “It’s a Friday night- I should get out of the house and see a movie or a show”. Looking for a bargain on a once-in-a-lifetime experience?
If you answered “yes” to all these questions then this is the answer to your entertainment dilemma:


Friday September 11th, at 7:15 when the Sideshow Theatre company and Blue Damen Pictures will be doing a special double feature of “Ekphrasis” (the play) and “The Visionary” (the film).

This sounds like a pretty good deal but it gets better: tickets for “Ekphrasis” are normally $15 each and can be purchased in advance at On September 11th, not only will you get TWOshows for the price of one you can ALSO get a discount if you are part of the theatre or film industry by bringing two copies of your resume to the screening itself.

MW Reel Shorts

Blue Damen Pictures is also honored to be presenting our newest film “The Visionary” at the Chicago REEL Short Film Festival. Sunday September 13th at 3:00pm, College Film Row Cinema at Columbia College.

Admission is only $20 for a weekend pass ($7 for an event ticket) and considering that there are almost 100 films showing, that is about 20 cents per film- talk about a bargain!

For more information on the festival you can visit

Busy weekend! We’ll see you there!

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