Are You Connecting With Your Audience?

Features and benefits are being bandied about.  And as important as they are, they need to be constantly in front of the consumer to do work their magic.  It is said that a buyer needs seven times to have a product in front of them before they buy.  How do you make sure there are repeat peformances of the benefits of your product?

I  have found two resources that pay off – Newsletters and Blogs.  New, constantly updated information around the main subject on a regular basis.  And that’s the catch.  Although the content is important and stimulating and maybe even well written. readers will vanish quickly if you are not CONSISTENT in producing new material to hold their attention.  That means every week you MUST send out that newsletter or update that blog.

If the blog and/or newsletter engages the reader, you now have a dialogue within a community established.  Thus the blog/newsletter becomes a source not only of important information in a particular field, but a major source of community that reaches beyond the writer to include valuable opinions, points of view, discussions and deeper information to help the reader succeed in the use of your product/endeavor/service, etc.  It can be a source of help in reworking your product and collaboration and more.  It can make people feel that they know you and have a personal connection to you.  All this works to your benefit.

Now some of you may think writing a blog or newsletter may be difficult.  I had a lady I met a few days ago at a networking event tell me that she just could never write a speech.  I assured her if I just asked her the right questions, the speech would be there.  Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself the questions they would want answered and then take it from there.

But above all start writing.  It is just one of the tools you have in today’s market that can help you.  And you must not let it fall away as part of your marketing plan.  Too many people are reading and writing for you not to be included in this exciting way of promoting yourself.

Barbara Kite is an Executive Speech Coach and a Professional Acting Coach in Portland Oregon
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