4 Tips to Attracting Media with Your Press Release

dreamstime_5155474As some of you may be aware, The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship just hired PR CHICAGO to help up get the word out about The Institute.

On Thursday December 17th, 2009, between 6:30 and 6:50 pm, our first official press release was picked up on news feeds thanks to PR Newswire, a distribution service for press releases that I believe is likely the best service.  PR Newswire is known for getting 12% more of their distributed releases picked up in news feeds than other distributors and are viewed by over 1 million unique visitors- 30% more than their competition.

I have used PR Newswire only once before for a fundraiser The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble gave more than a year ago, but did not have the same success we just experienced with this release. Why you ask? Well, that is a good question! Here are a few things I am learning about PR that you might find helpful.

#1 What is considered newsworthy enough for any media outlet to pick up on any given day, depends partially on the amount of news generated that day. (I knew this but, its funny how you really learn what this means when it matters to you if you actually are considered newsworthy enough to get picked up….)

#2 What gets picked up is subjective and based on the person reading what was sent when it comes across the wire.

#3 What you send out has to be interesting to the media and their audience to be selected and reprinted so make sure to write your release to those you wish to attract. But also remember, PR is a funny business and much harder to get noticed these days. It does not always make sense why something gets picked up and something of similar quality elsewhere does not. The thing about PR is that it takes 1-2 years of consistent circulation to be of any real help to your bottom line. After all, while media attention is great, it takes real interest from real customers to make your PR efforts truly helpful.

I can’t tell you how many artists I know who have had major media hits – landing in People Magazine or on the front pages of other major publications – and then never see an uptick in their business as a result.  It is only the ones who consistently work on getting PR who eventually get the traction their willingness to “get the word” out deserves.

And besides, if the PR you seek to generate is about how YOU can help others benefit from your artistry, and others find it newsworthy, is it really a big deal to draw attention to yourself ? I don’t think so. This kind of attention seems cool to me.  I love the idea that I could become really well known for what I most love to do, that can be of service and help to you.  That works for me.  I’d like to help you find your own way to make it work for you too.

#4 While we picked and paid for only a Chicago area release, PR Newswire sent ours out nationally instead for only $150.00 instead of $700.00. Sometimes a deal can be had- thank you Toni for saving me some money. Although I pay a monthly retainer to PR Chicago, incidentals like PR Newswire’s fee are additional costs to me– so getting more for the money matters!

Our first press release for the Institute was picked up by:

Business Journals for the following Cities and States: Dallas, Orlando, New Mexico, Birmingham, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Boston, Albany, Minneapolis, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Kansas City, Denver, Charlotte, Memphis, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Sacramento, Austin, Milwaukee, Dayton, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Wichita, South Florida, and Portland.

Other Business Journals: St.Louis Triangle Business Journal-NC, Atlanta Business Chronicle, San Francisco Business Times, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, Buffalo Business First, Pacific Business News, Puget Sound Journal, News Blaze, Pittsburgh Business Times, Columbus Business First, Las Vegas Review Journal, Louisville Business First.

Other Media: Interest! ALERT, KTRE- TX, KLFY-TV- LA, Congoo, KESQ News Channel 3-CA, KHRD-TV ABC 40, Active Media Archives, The Sun Herald, Earth Times, YV&C News Desk.

Including Forbes Magazine.

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