23 Resolutions (Proposed)

A new year, and decade nonetheless, present an optimal opportunity to reflect, re-assess, and re-calibrate our lives.  As you jump into 2010, what resolutions do you have to advance your career? 

Below are 23 (my favorite number) proposed resolutions to consider. Obviously, don’t resolve to do all of these!  It’s much more helpful to focus efforts on a few, rather than overwhelming yourself with unrealistic expectations and getting nothing accomplished in the end. 

  1. Develop/master a new martistic/business skill (as opposed to working on 20 and mastering none)
  2. Secure a new kind of opportunity
  3. Invent new “product” to market (concert experience, class, recording, book, service)
  4. Define and solidify “brand”
  5. Make a recording/video
  6. Move forward on a passion project
  7. Start mapping goals regularly ON PAPER
  8. Follow the Rule of Five (5 marketing actions per day)
  9. Create/redesign website
  10. Begin blogging
  11. Step up social networking efforts
  12. Boost web presence dramatically
  13. Create/update promotional materials (business cards, brochures, bio, resume)
  14. Generate more media coverage (newspaper, magazine, newsletter, online)
  15. Begin/expand contact list
  16. Actively expand profesional network
  17. Adopt career mentor
  18. Start new partnership/collaborative effort
  19. Get (or get rid of) management/record label
  20. Save for retirement/improve financial standing
  21. Make budget/keep records of all financial transactions
  22. Fundraise
  23. Read more about issues helpful to career (books, magazine, blogs)

When considering which resolutions to embrace, provide specifics.  For example, if your goal is (#15) to increase contact list, define how many people should be added, how you plan to do this, and by when.  The more specific you are, the more likely a goal will come to fruition.

Of course, having the aspiration alone won’t make it happen.  Resolutions are more often abandoned than realized.  So buck the trend. Let’s make 2010 a year of unprecedented action!

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  • John Wittmann

    Hi David!
    Great stuff. Thanks for collecting so many thoughts and resources for aspiring artists. It is my hope that we get a chance to talk/meet soon.
    John Wittmann
    Manager, Artist Relations
    317 524 6271

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  • Sign me up for #’s 2,3,4,5, and 6. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget 8, 11, 16, and 23.

    BTW, if someone is looking for some additional motivation for the new year, then maybe they should consider Smashing Magazine’s challenge, “Design Something Every Day:” http://bit.ly/90mjmn

    I’ve started one and will be launching a new blog to cover my daily designs.

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