Re-evaluate NOW!

How often do you step back and re-examine your goals, your passion, your methodoly, your marketing, WITH NEW EYES?

I know I do it on a continual basis, daily and yet I also realize that I NEED NEW TOOLS AND IDEAS to more thoroughly examine what needs to be updated, changed or thrown out and re-evluated.

Here a FOUR ways you can re-evalute your enterprise to move it into a more successful mode.

BRAINSTORMING is a great way to get quick, innovative input regarding your enterprise.  This is why large companies hold retreats.

Why not hold your own retreat with the peoplewho can best hel you move forward?  How about a marketing guru, business manaager, accountant, designer, social media expert, all round business consultant, etc.?  It would be worth the money in the long run.

I know I certainly could use it.  My mind gets stuck on  and it would help to have some experts around to brainstrom with in one big meeting (retreat).  Be sure to plan it carefully with the specific topics you want addressed.

A SURVEY of all past clients asking important questions you haven’t looked into lately, could shake things up.  What did they expect?  What did they get?  What was missing?  What can be done better?  What would they like to see next?   You could offer the first five some sort of special attention, gift, etc.

Hire a MARKETING EXPERT to dig around for new ideas to move forward.  Be sure to explain what you have done and what has and hasn’t worked and what you want to know specifically to move forward.

Step into the shoes of your IDEAL CLIENT.  (check out my previous post IDENTIFY YOUR IDEAL CLIENT.)

And schedule regular times where re-evaluation is done more deeply and innovatively.

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