Create. Innovate. Repeat. Let’s Experiment

So, this Friday The IAE is hosting this real fun private networking event for artists and entrepreneurs at Rockit Bar in Chicago downtown. We have had a lot of people sign up for the event. We even released another 50 tickets for more folks to attend and they, too, all went fast.  Feels great to have so much buzz going about it all.

What is even more cool, to me, is that Create. Innovate. Repeat: Artists and Entrepreneurs Unite! is a new brand for The IAE. It is an entrepreneurial happening. An experiment. What I mean by this is that I envision it as a playground for artists to come learn entrepreneurial skills, hang out and see what we create together and what kind of innovative things we can produce that resonate with the community. One master experiment trying our hand at entrepreneurship after another.

Our next Create. Innovate. Repeat. Artists and Entrepreneurs Unite! happening is going to be an all-artists-invited-to-participate event and along with it a week of classes open to the general public taught by the artists participating in the event. I am hunting for the right vacant Chicago storefront for rent right now for it.

It’s funny how like minds come together. It truly is a small world.  As this concept has been rolling around developing in my head,  one of the most creative and innovative people on the planet I know, Eva Niewiadomski from my favorite meeting place, Catalyst Ranch, sent me this link to Our Goods Trade School.

Our Goods Trade School barters goods, services and knowledge in pop-up storefronts in New York.

  • Co-working
  • First Class! Mushrooms
  • Opening
  • Business School for Artists
  • Another first class

Right now you can come to Trade School for the next thirty days.  Classes are being offered every night with a range of specialized teachers in exchange for basic items and services. Here is an example of  Amy Whitaker’s class tonight. Scroll down to Wednesday February 17th and look for:

Business School for Artists: The Banking Crisis

Taught by Amy Whitaker

Business School for Artists is a class on economic and financial theory—capitalism not as a value system but as a way the world works.  The teacher started the lectures while getting an MFA in painting at the Slade in London, after already having an MBA in economics from Yale.

This class is open to anyone, including people who attended the lecture Jan 25.  This class will include an overview (which will serve as a recap for people who have gone before).  We will also spend most of the time exploring the subprime lending and banking crisis as a “case study” for delving into concepts in more detail.  This will help us all understand things we as taxpayers spend billions of dollars on, and consider these questions as the creative design problems they are.


If your in New York tonight through February 28th you can bring your dinner and attend a class at GrandOpening’s Lower East Side storefront.  And if your in Chicago in April check back with The IAE because we are going to have something ready for you to learn with your dinner of our very own. You might enjoy read summaries of some of Trade School’s past classes at the OurGoods blog . You can also view more of their photos on OurGoods photos on Flickr.

139 Norfolk Street
New York, NY 10002 map
Tel 646 875 8078

Trade School is a collaboration between GrandOpening and OurGoods.

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