Get Your Kid Active With Free Second City Workshops

I wanted to pass this along for Chicago locals, as it’s a great way to get your child active, outgoing and involved for absolutely zero dollars.

The Second City is offering free workshops in Clowning & Physical Comedy, Stand-Up and Singprov for students ages 9-18 on Saturday, April 10th.  As a (soon-to-be) graduate of the Second City Conservatory, I cannot recommend the Second City Training Center enough, especially for their youth programs.  Improvisation and performing skills are applicable no matter what your child wants to be when they grow up…at Second City, they put a special focus on positivity, communication skills, working collaboratively in group settings and the always wonderful concept of agreement and “yes, and.”

More information on age ranges, workshop times and how to reserve a spot (yes, you need a reservation) can be found at the Second City’s website.

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