The Artist as Innovator: From Starving to Entrepreneurial by Thinking Outside The Box

I wrote this article for the Chicago Artists Resource (CAR). I thought you all might enjoy reading The Artist as Innovator: From Starving to Entrepreneurial by Thinking out of the Box. And besides, if you have not checked out The Chicago Artists Resource site before you should – it is a great Chicago based deep resource and one stop networking site. Over 50,000 artists stop by each month for a read or to share.

And for all you local artists- this Saturday is the big event! The Chicago Creative Expo runs all day! The Bite-Size Arts Ensemble is performing at 1:30 in the Claudia Cassidy Theater.  I am also offering free one on one consultations.  The consult-a-thon will be on the 5th floor on the Washington side of the Cultural Center, 78 E. Randolph. To schedule an appointment click here. I am also willing to set up additional times after the expo for any of you who are unable to schedule a time with me there. Email me at lisa@theIAE.com if you are interested.

Here is the complete list of all of the FREE workshops being offered at the expo and where they will be held! Hope to See you this Saturday at the EXPO!

  • I will pass this news along to my facebook and all of my friends! I’ll see if I can come for it… this is amazing..the orchestration looks perfectly planned.. (:

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